Making Shabbos: Artichoke Caterers at the Oriental

For anyone who is not yet aware of this wonderful local option for
shabbattake-out food, I warmly recommend that you pop in to
The Oriental (in Sheinfeld Shopping Center) on a Friday morning
and check out the generous array of available dishes prepared
by Artichoke Caterers.

They have all of the traditional foods - shnitzels, sliced beef, chicken,
fish etc. plus some more interesting options, vegetarian moussaka
and sidedishes etc. and I have found the prices comparable to cooking
it fromscratch. It definitely made my life much easier this Rosh Hashana.

Plus, since it is set up in a help-yourself format, you can select exactly
what you want to buy.

And they add a free challah for purchases over 100 shekels
(or at least they have until now).

Word of warning: If you show up too late most of the food is sold out, so
it's best to arrive around 9-9:30 ish or order beforehand from Itzik at

Gmar Chatima Tova,

RBS listserv
October 2008

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