Ten Lachayot-Pet Supplies and more

TEN LACHAYOT is a national chain with branches in J'lem, Modi'in,
Mercaz and HaSharon.
They have a central number: 1800 690 790. Their prices are excellent.

They'll advise you on what's best for your dog or cat (which is how I
learned that in Hebrewcized English, an outdoor cat is a "street cat" -- I
laughed when she asked if I was feeding street cats, but she was really
asking how active are my pets). They have steered me toward a less
expensive, but in their opinion, better cat food for my pets than what I
would have chosen. My cats aren't finicky, so they've always eaten what
I've fed them, but my friend's cats are VERY finicky, and she told me
that Ten Lachayot will accept back an opened bag of food your pet
rejected and give you a replacement.

They have excellent American-style customer service, and there's
usually a fluent English-speaker working. If not, and that's important
to you, they'll take your number and call you back when someone's
available. They've never forgotten to call me back. I've actually had
someone call, then an hour later, someone else call to make sure
I had been called!

If you order over 200 nis of stuff, they'll deliver free of charge.

Can you tell I like them? I don't have a car yet, but even if I did, I'd
still choose them over others for the convenience, the service, the
shlepping, and the prices.

Modi'in, '06
November 2008

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