Great Service from furniture store in Hadera

Olam HaRehitim in the Industrial area of Hadera just off Road 4 next
to Yesh and B-good. map

We bought a dining room table from their showroom. But it had a big
deep scratch in it. they promised to sand the table and recolour it so
that we would never know it had been there - at no extra cost, and that
we would recieve it within 21 days. That was Thursday. Sunday, we get
a phone call saying that they had checked in their storage and they had
a table top plate, same colour same size did we want it? So we wanted
to know what the catch was. We went down there to check out the
table top plate, and it was teh same colour, same size and absolutely

There and then they put it on a truck in front of us and half an hour
later we had a new table in our house! And they changed the chairs
for us when we decided we did not like the design!

Awesome service like this I have never had before
- and not just in Israel!!!

December 2008

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