Naomi Shemesh Insurance Agent in Raanana

"Please add Naomi Shemesh to the list of recommended insurance
agents. Naomi helped me out with prompt and sound advice when I was
faced with a complicated problem caused by another agent, and did so
even though there was little possibility of her benefiting
personally from sorting out the problem (and in the end, she

Living abroad, it was important to me that I was able to discuss the
issues by e-mail (in English, even though English is not her mother
tongue) and that I received a quick response to the (many) e-mails I
sent her. Naomi was not only very pleasant to deal with, but she
was also patient, efficient and professional, and I heartily
recommend her to others.

Naomi can be found at 17 Herzel St., Ra'anana; tel: 09-7742490, 054-
5742898, e-mail:

Jonathan Goldman"

Naomi Shemesh
09-7742490, 054-5742898
17 Herzel st.
Raanana 43353

this was sent to Israel Easy by Ms. Shemesh-you can see further recommendations at
raananalist items no: 104653, 104709, 113170, 113199, 114205, 115648,
and in the raananalist - recommendations

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