La Lyonnaise in Ashdod-worth the trip

Needless to say, as a result of the threat of Rocket attacks, many
businesses down South are suffering financially. With that in mind,
our family went out to eat in Ashdod in a French Cafe named
La Lyonnaise (in the Star Center) last Thursday.

It was obvious when we were there that the threats were having an
effect, as the Restaurant on a Thursday night, was at approximately
30% capacity, similar (if not better) to the ones nearby.

For those who are looking for an easy to way help those down South
and/or to enjoy an excellent meal, I recommend you check this place
out. The food, especially the Ravioli, was excellent, the decor was
very nice and service was very warm and timely. Moreover they were
very appreciative that we came from Modiin to support them as they
feel the effects of the strife greatly. One more thing for those
worried - a Shelter zone is located right nearby in case a siren goes
off, which we fortunately did not need to experience.

47 Zabotinski St.Mitcham Star Center
088 566 767

January 2009

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