Optica Einit store in Jerusaelem-excellent customer service

My husband and I got glasses this week. We both needed new
prescriptions, so we needed to go somewhere there was an optician.
We were glad that at least two there spoke excellent English.
The store we went to was on HaNevim near Geula. They have a clean
big store with a large selection and decent price range. We were
happily surprised with what we paid for the eye exam and new glasses.

Now for the amazing part, my DH's glasses did not work for him.
He took them back and on the spot they gave him a new exam and
within less than an hour he had new lenses in his glasses. He is thrilled.


January 2009

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  1. The service here was the best! The hardest thing for me, in Israel, is the service. That was not the case at Enit in Jerusalem. Everyone was friendly and helpful and made sure that I got exactly what I needed. I also brought in my seven year old and they were incredibly patient with her and made her feel very comfortable and important.
    We were seen by Eliran and I highly recommend trying to get him for your exam!!
    I was very impressed and I will continue to shop there and to send all my friends.
    Batya Wolfe


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