Real Cheddar Cheese in Israel?


There is a store in the shuk (Machene Yehudah) near Agrippas in Jerusalem
They sellcheese and wine. They have Ynuva cheddar cheese. It's not as
sharp as American cheddar but it's still pretty yummy.

January 2009


  1. Cheddar cheese? That's easy!€ ¦  Like most things worthwhile, you can find it at Mahane Yehuda.€ ¦  There are several stores that sell cheese in the closed side (on your left,coming from Yaffa.)€ ¦  I shop in one store which is right under a huge sign hanging from the roof, only because they are such nice people.€ ¦  There is another store further down which is cheese heaven and has€ ¦  several large wheels of English cheddar.€ ¦  (You always want "cheddar anglit", as opposed to "cheddar yisraeli.")€ ¦  Enjoy and save me a slice!

  2. or you can try tiv taam...they have it there as well.


  3. If you don't need Mehadrin cheese, there is a large specialty cheese shop inthe shuk (that was recently written up in the Post, in fact). Ask for theWyke Farms Village Oak Cheddar. It's from the UK and you won't bedisappointed. It's the best cheddar I've ever had.

  4. Do they have monterrey jack cheese as well? I'm dying for some real nachos.


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