in RBS-thrilled

We ordered from and were thrilled with what
we got. The prices were very reasonable, the quality was fantastic, and
the service was great.

If you are a sushi fan (and even if you are not- as a raw fish avoider I
can attest to them having some incredible vegetarian offerings) I would
highly suggest giving them a try.

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January 2009


  1. This is an unsolicited recommendation for www.sushiagogo. com we
    ordered from them for Shabbos & loved the service as well as the
    wonderful fresh ingredients! It was such a nice way to add to our
    shabbos. If you live in RBS & enjoy sushi I highly recommend
    www.sushiagogo. com I just went to their website & placed my order & it
    was available fresh on Friday! Enjoy. Chanie

  2. We have ordered Sushi from them on several occasions and have been
    extremely happy each time.

    The sushi is top quality, very fresh and very tasty. The service was
    also excellent.

    If you like sushi, this is for you.

  3. We had Sushiagogo two weeks ago for Shabbos. It was a delicious treat l'kavod Shabbos and we were all "fighting"over who would get the last piece of spicy
    salmon. Easy to order online, very professional looking packaging and most importantly YUMMMMMY and fresh

  4. Time for yet another unsolicited recommendation for Sushiagogo, and
    not JUST because I was one of the winners of the free platter this
    month (yummmmmm... .). Mind you, I do NOT eat raw fish - I tend more
    towards gefilte than Nemo - which is why I can wholeheartedly
    recommend all the COOKED fish options at Sushiagogo. It's lovely and
    fresh and yummy and delicious and makes a great appetizer (one that
    actually fills you up, thus *saving money on your chicken / meat /
    chulent budget!*) and it impressed your guests totally and completely.
    Seriously, it's truly fantastic. The other stuff (like the cucumber
    salad) is great too. This shabbos we heard this at our table:

    "Wow, this is really, REALLY good sushi, much better than we get at
    home." - Young couple from Ramat Eshkol, who were either referring to
    Ramat Eshkol or Queens, NY, or possibly both.

    It's great, the price is right, and alright, let's give it up for the
    monthly free drawing for a free platter too!! On second thought, hmm,
    maybe don't register for it, then I have better odds of winning

    www.sushiagogo. com

    Order online at 2 AM before shabbos, get it delivered before
    candlelighting. Well, that's what I do anyway... They also accept
    orders not at 2 AM.

    *With apologies to the banana guys for stealing the slogan. I do not
    believe there is any banana sushi, but they're coming out with new
    stuff all the time...

  5. is AMAZING.We have it every SHABBAS!

    HIGHLY recommend it.


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