"A Touch of Tranquility" (5Towns) the most effective massage of my life

You MUST call "A Touch of Tranquility"! I am a mom with four kids and have been
having horrible shoulder and muscle pain. I knew I needed a massage
but where is the time? And who do I get to watch my kids?

Moise came to my house with his wife Limor who played with my one
year old while I had the most effective massage of my life--
and I have been treated to some very good, professional massages
in the States (think Canyon Ranch, the Sagamore). The
best part is being able to stay in the comfort of your own house--
he brings a very comfortable table, relaxing music, everything!

I highly recommend "A Touch of Tranquility"-- he is inexpensive, and highly, highly
talented. You can reach him
at 052-749-1132 and t_limor@hotmail.com

5Towns yahoogroup
February 2009

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