Sharon's Cakes in RBS: an outstanding piece of art

An unsolicited recommendation for Sharon's Cakes.
We ordered a wedding cake for my daughter's wedding that was truly
an outstanding piece of art. Most people weren't sure if it was real
because it was so beautiful. We had intended to save it for Shabbos
Sheva Brachos but then towards the end of the wedding someone
cut into the top layer and in almost an instant that entire level was gone.
This cake was not just beautiful but it was delicious. We hid the rest of the
cake and opened it on Shabbos and it just disappeared – everyone loved it.
To top it off Sharon was great to work with and came through exactly as
she promised. We highly recommend Sharon's Cakes.
Call Sharon 999- 4366 or visit

RBS yahoogroup
February 2009


  1. Unsolicited recommendation for scrumptious, decadent, rich and tasty cake from Sharon's cake!

    Do you want to WOW family and friends? For your next simcha enhance your sweet table with Sharon's cakes, cookies...really it doesn't matter, it's all good!

    If you were planning to buy a treat from a local supermarket or bakery try Sharon's cake first (please order with advance notice). You will not be disappointed.
    02 999 4366

  2. When buying fancy-looking cakes in the past, I've found that very often, the better they look, the worse they taste. That was not the case with the cakes I bought from Sharon's Cake Shop, http://www.israelca . The presentation was beautiful and the cake was the best I have ever had. Thank you, Sharon, for a job well done!



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