Adi Yatir-extraordinary getaway in the South

For anyone looking for an extraordinary getaway in the South, we would
like to recommend Adi Yatir which we recently very much enjoyed.

Located in the village of Shani overlooking the Yattir Forest, just
outside of Arad, it is hard to believe you are 15 minutes from the
desert. The road to Shani passes the well regarded Yattir Winery and
Tel Arad park, then rises to peach, apricot, apple and cherry orchards
as well of hillsides of grapevines. This delightful B &B consists of
two separate houses, each a large zimmer which can sleep up to six (2
in the master bedroom, 2 or 3 in the childrens' room and 2 more in the
living room. There is a full kitchen, two baths and a spa room with a
giant Jacuzzi.

A lavish breakfast is brought to the house at your time
in the morning. The nearby tall pine forest is easily accessible with
picnic benches looking out over a large reservoir.

The ancient site of Shani still contains the well preserved remains
of a Second Temple synagogue where colored Byzantine pottery
shards and pieces of Roman glass can be picked up from the ground.

The accommodating owners, Adi and Tamir will cook dinner for
you or you can bring your own. No restaurants in area. However,
a large gas barbecue grill is located in the stone and floral garden.

For those who observe kashrut, Adi will
provide the dishes and silverware.

In the Summer there is a large
swimming pool easily reachable by foot. We plan a return visit. Their
mobile is 054-6202058 or

5Towns yahoogroup
May 2009

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