Kochav Yaakov has new Karavilot for Olim

Kochav Yaakov is a wonderful community of approximately 450
families located just 10 minutes north of Jerusalem. Kochav Yaakov
is very much an Israeli yishuv with around 15% percentage of olim
from Anglo speaking countries. The major benefit of this type of
community is that families learn the language quicker and usually
become part of Israeli society faster than predominately English
speaking communities. There is of course a close knit anglo
community there as well.

Right now Kochav Yaakov is embarking on a special new project
of 20 karavilot (similar to caravans) to be built right away and be
finished by July 2009. The goal is to populate these new homes
with 20 new olim families from around the world. Thus far, we
have 8 families signed on to the project and we are now looking
to fill up the rest of them with olim from USA/Canada and UK.

Each karavilla comes with it's own garden, salon, kitchen, bathroom
with bath, small bathroom, room for washing machine/dryer and 3
bedrooms. They will be completed as of July 2009 and are specifically
geared for new olim.

The rent for the karavilot will be in the neighborhood of
2000 NIS/month. Our goal is to reach 20 new olim families
this summer which will help Kochav Yaakov
receive all the special services of misrad Haklita including Ulpan,
special help in education etc. (currently, we have 12 new olim families
already signed on for this summer and out of the 20 karavilot we are
building 8 are already reserved!

To see the plans of this project please click on this link:

If you are interested in signing up for this project, please send an
e-mail to Shlomo Benzaquen (olim absorption committee) at

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