DA'AT o helps you deal with every sort of health-related issue

Wishing everyone the best of health, my mother recommended that
I bring the DA'AT organization to the awareness of the general public.

The group is called "DA'AT - HaMerkaz leMayda laTzibbur b'Nosay
Bre'ut ul Shem K.Y. Mann" - The K. Y. Mann Public Information
Center on Issues of Health.

They can be reached by e-mail at
or by phone at 02-644-4500, or by fax at 02-644-4505.

My mother says they handle inquiries in English as well as Hebrew
(maybe other languages, but we never tried!). She reports that they
are always warm and helpful, will provide excellent information
( consult and return to you, if necessary, by phone, fax, 'snail-mail'
or e-mail). Their stated purpose is to help the public in dealing with
any and every sort of health-related issue, providing explanations,
source material, recommendations, etc.

My parents have consulted on any number of occasions, in a range of
questions - satisfaction if not guaranteed, *definitely* provided!

Use this info in good health!

Anglobeersheba yahoogroup
June 2009

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