Dan Yariv-helped with my rental contract

This who I used for my recent rental contract. He was very nice
and gives a 25% discount for NBN olim:

contact him here

He was very patient, happily answered any questions I had and very
reasonable. While most attorneys charge a ridiculous full month's rent,
he just charges by the hour and told me in advance how much it was
likely to be.

After he'd looked it over for me, I had a question about a clause and
my not fully understanding the clause nearly derailed the deal. I
contacted him and he happily explained to me what it was about,
why it was there and why I needn't be concerned. This was after
he'd already sent me a bill. He didn't charge me extra for his time
to explain all this to me.

Really it was a wonderful experience and he can do the whole thing
via fax and phone. You don't need to physically visit his office so it
doesn't matter where you are in the country.

July 2009

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