Dr. Samuel Adler-Jerusalem Gastroenterologist

I highly recommend Dr. Samuel Adler; he speaks fluent English, he's on
Maccabi Health Plan (possibly other kuppot cholim as well) and he's in
the center of town (Jerusalem). I'm not sure if he's taking new
patients, but if you have a referral, then it's worth a try.
His tel. no. is 02-5660573.

All the best,

July 2009


  1. The top doctor, Dr. Shmuel Adler,
    (American) is difficult to get into see.  I think he takes different
    kupot, but I don't know if he's taking new patients.  He's near the
    Jerusalem Theatre on 1 Elephant, 566-0573.  You can always try.

    1. Professor Sammy Adler is on Meuchedet and is much easier to see nowadays.


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