Apple Repair advice

Call the iDigital Service Center 03-900-5353. You can arrange with
them to have your Mac picked up directly from your home or business,
and returned by a third-party express delivery service. The service is
free of charge for all Apple products under an iDigital one-year
warranty or iDigitalCare, and you might not be charged for Apple
products purchased abroad.

If you bought your Mac in the United States, remember to call Apple
1-800-275-2273 first to get a Case Number. Having a Case Number
beforehand will help expedite the turnaround time for your Mac's
repair, but you'll still be placed at the bottom of the servicing
queue after customers with locally purchased products.

If haven't already done so, and if you're still able to, remember to
backup any important material that you have on your computer.

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August 2009


  1. I was happy to see the info above and am still trying to arrange the repair but the number above now has 55 as the last two digits

  2. Best service and trust worthy found them through word of mouth from friends with Mac's OMG MediX
    They are in Jerusalem Israel on Jaffa St. near the old city!

    Certified Apple Technicians


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