Ramot Bet an undiscovered hidden JEWEL

Ramot Bet in Yerushalayim is an absolute undiscovered hidden JEWEL for the religious community. Ramot Bet sits alongside the picturesque Ramat Arazim valley of Yerushalayim.

It offers the following:

1) Outstanding English speaking Rabbis and Shuls covering the gamut of Yeshivish, Lubavich, and Kippa Seruga Hashkafa both Ashkenaz and Sefard
2) Gedolim and Poskim in the community
3) Variety of Educational Institutions for girls and boys from elementary - high school.
4) Great regularly scheduled Shiurim for men and women both in Hebrew and English - Daf Yomi
5) Daily women's English shiur,
6) English speaking Kollel,
7) Kosher Sports Facility (separate men and women's swimming and exercise),
8) Top Professional Medical, Dental and alternative medicine services and many other private services, bank and post office
9) Great bus transportation to all areas of Jerusalem and quick access to main highways
10) Friendly and great people of all ages
11)Fantastic reasonably priced (for Jerusalem) housing includes private homes, semiattached, fully attached townhouses, and apartments many of which have spectacular views,
12) Playgrounds and open green areas,
13)15 - 20 minutes by car to the center of town and the kotel (some people walk on Shabbos
14) Convenient shopping - phone orders for badatz fruits, meat and grocery shopping delivered to the door

October 2009

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  1. I am thrilled to see someone has finally noted what an amazing place it is...


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