5Towns: Moshe of Denikuie brought my sofa back to life

We recently has a TERRIFIC experience with Moshe Masood, CEO of Denikuie.
Moshe uses a high powered machine cleaner to clean sofas, mattresses and
carpets. He arrived on time, was polite, affordable and clean. Most of all, the
work was top notch (and he speaks English).

For anyone who needs upholstery or carpet cleaning, this is your contact.
Regarding sofa cleaning...wow, what a difference, it brought my sofa back to life!

Mosh Masood - 052-697-6961
www.mdanique. co.il

October 2009

1 comment:

  1. Call Moshe from "M.Daniquie"
    He does a great job and is very reliable.
    He can also provide recommendations from satisfied customers in the area.
    Check out his web site as well


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