Beer Sheva unusual exquisite bead & jewelry store

A really unusual exquisite bead & jewelry store in an unexpected place
11 Ben Zvi St. (I guess you'd park at the Kanyon K. Hamemshala or at
Tnuva don't ask me)- diagonally across from that Tnuva produce store
(by Kanyon Kiryat Hamemshala).

Hilat Ha'Even -
Most of the jewelry is done by Kokhi the owner, and I've never seen
such creativity at such fair prices.
Kokhi, a Beer Sheva'ite, also teaches jewelry making in the store
and also does home chick-parties.

The bead & accessory collections seem unusual quality

She does this pendant she calls Keebushon -
I've never seen anything like this! - in varying stones & crystals.
Many of her pieces include Swarovsky crystals (but no Swarovsky prices!)

Go and see and just for fun & a smile.

www.hilathaven. Hebrew website
phone: 623-3479

Snearly Hannukah. Go there.

November 2009

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