Kochav Yaakov's competent, self-respecting, self-demanding painter

have seen much of Nachum's painting work and must say that I am impressed every time. He told me that his team is always learning the latest techniques, and this is definitely evident through his custom jobs.

Two points that are important to make: They refuse to simply paint over the previous jobs before preparing the surface. Much of their work, and what makes their work last, is scraping away and repairing the surface.

The second point is one of the most pleasantly absurd things that I have heard in a long time. They take pictures before they touch anything in your house so they'll know exactly where to replace everything! I should use that technique myself for my business.

When you need a competent, self-respecting, self-demanding painter that provides not only a good finish but lasting results, contact Nachum Eilberg at Walls R' Us Painting.

You may reach him on his mobile 052-611-9500 or via his site at www.wallsruspainting.com

Happy Painting,

Kochav Yaakov

Yaacov Prupis, Plumber
Jerusalem Plumbing
Cell: 054-323-7877
Quality. Professionalism. Cleanliness.

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