Shlomo and Aish Orchestra did an AMAZING job

We just celebrated the Bar mitzvah of our son, and wanted to let the
community know - We used Shlomo Walfish and Aish Orchestra for our
Simcha. They have been performing for over 2 decades in NY and are
now available here. Shlomo and Aish Orchestra did an AMAZING job.
They were very lively and professional, everyone had a great time.
When some issues came up with the video and photographer, electric
issues and video microphone recording issues, Shlomo used his
professional experience to make sure everything worked together
fine. Aish is well worth their fee.

You can email them at info@aishorchestra. com.
I recommend them highly!

October 2009m

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  1. We would like to offer an unsolicited recommendation for Shlomo Walfish. He
    played at our son's Bar Mitzvah reception on Sunday night and had the place
    rocking. He is terrific, reasonably priced, and a pleasure to work with. Make
    your next simcha complete with Aish. Here is his contact information:

    shlomo@aishorchesta .com
    www.aishorcestra. com


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