Yonatan Court, professional carpenter in central Israel

I want to tell you about an excellent, professional carpenter with many
years experience both in Canada and here in Israel.
Yonatan Court d_court@inter.net.il, 050-763-6921

Yonatan Court has built my wood frame house, including the
complete kitchen cabinetry and wooden stairs
(as well as two others on our yishuv Bar Yochai before he moved to
Moshav Beit Gamliel), and custom made tables and furniture. He also
renovated my daughter's apartment in Jerusalem including rearranging
the kitchen and additional cabinets. He is truly a professional who
will do nothing but the best work to satisfy himself as well as you
with the quality of his work. His prices are reasonable for his work
which is truly wood art and he works from his own workshop near
his home.

He also has begun to do wood art projects including havdalah sets,
kiddush cups etc all from various woods.

From Pesach Aceman,
Bar Yochai, D N MErom Hagalil

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