Zvika Dorn will help you buy or sell your car

We just sold our car, and bought a new - used car with the help &
guidance of Zvika Dorn. We highly recommend using his services!
He is an English guy who has been working in car insurance for at least
20 years here in Israel, and knows the ropes and has connections
including getting everything checked out with buying a car, negotiating
prices & standing up for you both in selling & buying, and above all, he
was reachable virtually all day, many times a day with unlimited patience
to both show us around to various used cars, accompany us on test drives,
taking for a car test, closing on a car, negotiations, the works as well as
always being available for any questions we came up with just to allay
our concerns.

It was truly a pleasure working with an anglo in a very
overwhelming Israeli system, and especially someone so patient and
giving of his time! We highly recommend him for buying a car, selling
car, and/or car insurance whatever is applicable, the customer
service is truly refreshing! Zvika's phone number is 050-687-7229.

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December 2009


  1. Howard Zvi Dorn was recommended to us by a friend when we came to Israel 10 yrs ago, and we have worked with him since for car and homeowners insurance. He is everything the original post said and more. Pleasant, knowledgable,competent and completely trustworthy. He goes out of his way to help with all apsects of any issue that in America, an insurance agent would look at you like you were crazy if you asked him to get invovled in the same thing. His information is accurate and no run arounds. David & Esther, Har Nof

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