Reverse Osmosis Filter in Israel

After knowing for ages that a reverse osmosis water filter is the only
filter which really removes everything that we do not want in our bodies,
including residual medications which are being found in the water,
I finally installed one.

I would like to recommend Maoz who showed up on time and did the
job within a 1/2 hour neatly and pleasantly for a reasonable cost.
The filters only need to be changed 1x per year.

050 339 3375-Please tell him that you were recommended by Tsivya

January 2010


  1. BEfore installing be aware that reverse osmosis systems for home use waste large amounts of water, more than half of what is actually filtered.

  2. It depends what you determine as waste. The water is returned to the system and therefore all your are wasting is the apparent cleaning of the water to begin with. Unfortunately if this was done well enough to begin with these filters would not be needed in people's homes.


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