Excellent Artist in Rehovot

This is a totally unsolicited recommendation.

Vivienne Maron has just completed an oil portrait of my eldest
granddaughter on her Batmitzvah.

She did an absolutely superb job - based on one photograph
- and clearly is very talented. She captured Noa's expression
perfectly, as well as her coloring. Seeing the completed painting
literally took my breath away!

Vivienne did such a great job that I intend to have portraits
painted of each of my grandchildren on the attainment of their
Bar/Batmitzvahs and keep them as family heirlooms.
A wonderful "yerusha" for them one day...

Vivienne's prices are most reasonable - the "value" of each
portrait far outweighs the cost - aside from which she is a
positively delightful person and will work with you to find the
right photograph for the portrait.

I thoroughly recommend her to anyone wishing to create their
own family heirlooms in a similar way. Vivienne can be reached at 9262391.


Rehovot pyahoogroup
May 2010

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