Tax Lawyer US/Israel: Eli Clark very smart and competent; nice guy

For anyone requiring a tax laywer licensed in Israel and the US –
very smart and competent; nice guy; great service
Eli Clark
Ickovics Neustadter Clark Sabag & Co.
9 Montefiore St.,
Tel Aviv 65252
Tel. 03-5100499
Fax: 03-5100898

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  1. For you to be an israeli lawyer, you need to be licensed. Licensing is a four step process that includes: sitting for a Hebrew proficiency exam, law of Israel exams, Israel bar exams, and completing a one year legal internship. Although, these are the processes involved when you are an Israeli local, there are exemptions. For example when you are a foreigner and you have over two years of foreign experience as a lawyer, you are allowed to go ahead with your one year internship after passing the Hebrew proficiency exam. If you are a foreigner and you want to practice law in Israeli, you need to be proficient in Hebrew as it’s the main language of communication.


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