Yitzchak Dorfman saved me a bundle on taxes

For the first time since moving to Israel, I needed to file tax returns
in the U.S. this year, and for a number of reasons it was quite
complicated, so I was not able to do my own. This gentleman's
post on a user group caught my attention because we share the
same surname, and he was running an early bird special a few
months before the normal filing time. I thought I'd give it a try,
and he saved me quite a bundle off the tax I would have had to pay.

His rates are quite reasonable. You do not have to travel to Jerusalem
to work with him; he is willing to complete all transactions by
phone/fax/internet (and a check by regular mail).

I will definitely work with him again and am happy to recommend him:

Yitzchak Dorfman, CPA
Har Nof, Jerusalem
02-652-2620; dorfy@netvision.net.il

May 2010

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