Reuven Steinberg:extremely fair and he is meticulously honest kablan

Yes, renovating an apartment can be a major stress in one's life.
But, that stress can be kept to a minimum when you work with a
kablan like ReuvenSteinberg.

Reuven made Aliyah from South Africa and has been in the business
here in Israel for over twenty years.

I actually was flying to the States on the date that we were to receive the
key to our new apartment here in RBS. I trusted Reuven to take over the
apartment for me and begin renovating while I was abroad for 3 weeks.

The work was completed as promised (no one believed our job could be
done so quickly).

As a former interior designer, I knew what I wanted and expected a proper
finish. I was not disappointed.

His prices are extremely fair and he is meticulously honest.
Usually, we are told to figure that the extras will be 10% above the
original cost of the job. I am pleased to report that our extras
totaled only1.7%!!!

Reuven is caring and considerate of all, especially the neighbors!

He may be reached at 054-622-8960 and

B'hatzlacha Rabah!


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