Orthotics in RBS

I have recently purchased a new set of midrisim (orthotics) 
from Eisler in the RBS mercaz and highly recommend them 
for their customer service, knowledge and support (pun intended). 

If you require orthotics and want
good advice with out the "hard sell" stop in. 

Ask about their guarantees.

RBS Resident

April 2011

1 comment:

  1. Every year for amny many years I have gotten orthotics.
    >From the many places I have gone, I have found that Eisler in Jerusalem is the best
    Now that there is a branch of Eisler Orthopedics here in the RBSA shopping center (next to Foto First) I gave them a try
    Yes! Once again I am a hppy Eisler customer and this time I dont need to shlep to Jerusalem
    Very personable service and good quality items



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