A great community: Ramat Yishai

Considering a move (or aliyah) to the North?
Looking for a Dati Leumi Community?
Still want to be close enough to both the Markaz and Haifa to commute?
Join us in Ramat Yishai.

Our vision for this Dati Leumi Community includes:
 Friday night Carlebach Minyan
 Shabbat morning youth davening
 Shabbat afternoon rotating youth activities
 Holiday programs
 Meals to welcome new families
 Simcha / Shiva meals
 Shiurim
 Community Bulletin Board & E-mail list
 What can you add?

Founded in 1925, Ramat Yishai is currently home to approx. 6,600 people. Only minutes from Kvish 6, where Rt. 77 meets Rt. 75 (Tzomet Yishai)

For more information contact:
Michael or Este:054-4542631, 054-4541878r
rabbims1@hotmail.com notes4ester@yahoo.com

July 2011

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