RIMON CAFE in Mamilla Mall


Last Wednesday night, My husband and I joined several friends at Rimon Cafe in the new Mamilla Mall a restaurant just outside the Jerusalem Old City Walls. It was our second dining experience there, and I can tell they are getting into their rhythm. We sat outside where there was a nice breeze and a stunning view. Hot, soft loaves of bread crowded our table when the soups arrived, but not for long. Accompanied by two eggplant spreads,one pungent and the other mellow, they were soon devoured. Vegetable soup was a bit salty for my friend, but Allen likes it that way and the Butternut Squash was just delicious. I ordered the California Salad, with fried Haloumi cheese sticks, sliced nectarines, toasted walnuts and shredded goat cheese. Dressing was on the side and ample Allen once again enjoyed the Mushroom Fettuccini, and says he will get it again on our next visit. It was our friend's birthday, so we splurged on desserts: Lava Cake, Apple Pie, Ice cream and Panna Cotta. Each better than the next. Our waitress was sweet and although the eyebrow piercing sit unnerves me, she was attentive by Israeli standards. For our party of six, with filtered water, soup, entrees and dessert, the bill came to just under 600 NIS not including service. Highly recommend!

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