Body Work: Shimon Shriki

SHIMON SHRIKI who works out of the Motorline garage/mosach on Moshav Yishi
did a beautiful job for us on some bodywork and painting. We dented one
side of the hatchback door and the adjacent side of the car on our Nissan
Serena. We've let little dings go, but this time the dent allowed exhaust
to enter the car. Shimon had to work around the window on the hatchback,
and restore the shape of the door and side of the car so that they would
seal against each other properly once more. He painted only the area he did
the bodywork on. Now, you can't tell bodywork was done, the new painted
area blends perfectly into the existing 8-year old paint on the car, and the
seal is perfect, bli ayin hara.

He was soft-spoken, and forthcoming throughout. The final price was the
same as the quoted estimate. It was a pleasure to deal with him.

You can reach Shimon at 054-303-4789 or 992-4884. (He lives in RBS-A.)

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  1. Just had two dents taken out of my car by Shimon. His work is
    excellent and his
    prices are reasonable. He's also a real mensch! Reach him directly
    on his
    cell phone and he will tell you how to find him, etc. Phone:


  2. I used Shimon Shriki and was VERY happy - with his work and he's a real mensch. He lives in RBS

    good luck

  3. re: Shimon at Motor Line, located in Moshav Yishi.
    I brought my car there and
    he did a fabulous job, and a very reasonable rate. Also, without a doubt he's one of the nicest and most pleasant people I've dealt with. If you need some auto
    body work, I highly recommend that you bring him your car.

    His phone numbers are 054-303-4789 and 991-1487.

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