Moshav Yishi


Looking for the American Dream in Eretz Yisrael?

Are you interrested in a 2 acre housing lot in an orthodox community where streets are closed on Shabbos? (2 acres = 12 tennis courts including the red area).

Do you want American neighbors and immediate access to Bet Shemesh and Ramat Bet Shemesh schools, health and community services, clubs, recreation, and social activities?

Do you appreciate living within easy walking distance of a national forest, rolling farmland, resevoirs, terrific views, and other places of natural beauty?

Would you like a private pool, tennis court, equestrian facilities, gardens, lawns, and room enough to feel genuinely relaxed on your own property?

Does an Arab-free environment sound appealing? Yishi is miles inside the green line and even further from the nearest Arab settlement.

Moshav Yishi offers a lifestyle option available nowhere else in Israel: To be one of the very lucky, very few, to enter the Promised Land... and actually get the Land! Whether you delight in hobby aggriculture and the mitzvot of Eretz Yisrael or simply want the feeling of expansiveness and freedom no city can offer, Yishi is a delightful place to be. As more and more Americans move in, as more and more of Yishi is reinvigorated and rebuilt, Yishi will become more and more delightful a community to call home. Unfortunately it's not yet available for the whole nation, but for a fortunate few, "Yishi" will be exactly that - "my Salvation". A place in Israel that comes as dreamed, no concessions, no compromise.

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  1. This a Yeminite moshav with that culture . I like it but most American kids and familes will not feel at home coming from a western to an Arab culture. Yeminite minyanim daily and on Shabbat a Carlebach minyan are ongoing and it is a religiously mixed community Great place for vacation, but best to spend real time there before making any moves to see if for you and family


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