1. I'm with clalit and i love it. I pay the extra-extra which is 50NIS a month and since I was an olah, there was not a waiting period. I've had a few clerical problems with them, but when it comes to medical care, they have been SUPERB. another bonus is that i get 25% off of everything at the pharmacy, which in some months makes that extra-extra insurance worth it. anything from humidifiers to cough drops to advil to hand lotion gets this discount.

    my doctor is dr. naomi and she's with clalit in arnona. the staff there doesn't speak english, but she does and does so excellently. she keeps the first hour of EVERY DAY open for walk-in and one day a week that is ALL walk-ins! i think that is just amazing!!! another bonus? she has a zero tolerance policy for people pestering her while patients are in the room and all of her patients have adapted accordingly. my friend had a serious serious health problem and also raved about her being right on top of everything.

    my dentist was at the har nof smile. he removed my broken filling and drilled around in less time than ONE song on my o-pod. it was AMAZING, gentle, and better than some care i had received in the states. the problem was that my
    extra coverage wasn't showing up and i had to pay full-price--- am still waiting for my refund. but let me tell you, this dentist had me leaving with a big smile on my face, even after i paid full-price! he was a real pro!


  2. I have Clalit too, and have been happy more or less with them. ... going to the GYN is an interesting experience, I am happy with my Doctor(female), it is kind of like going the first time and not have motherly advice as to what to expect. Also, its considered standard here not to do mammograms here until your 50 rather than 40 as in the US. (unless your family history, or you pay out of pocket). Being on good terms with your family doctor also helps, someone who knows how to work the system for you......and can help get you into specialists quicker than if you call. Though I can't stand the number system, they have.



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