Kablan -Nisim Edry

We have just finished a shiputz and are very happy with the results.  We
used NISIM EDRY as our kablan and he dealt with all the subcontracting work,
got us great discounts for the necessary extras and was really pleasant and
courteous. He speaks perfect English if that's a concern. His workers were
also friendly and cleaned up each day and incredibly, when he told us it
would be a 3 week job, it really was a 3 week job (this has never happened
before in our experience!). We would unhesitatingly use Nisim again and
want to recommend him - he is a real mentsch. Call him on 054-450-2248 and
tell him that we recommended him.

Rachelle and Daniel

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  1. I agree completely with what is written below about Nissim Edri. He just did a large job for us, too, and i highly recommend him.



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