Money $aving Kablan" Shmulik bar Sheshet

I would like to heartily recommend SHMULIK BAR SHESHET. You really need
look no further.

He did an excellent job reworking an existing kitchen in record time and
to a very high standard of finish.

He explained everything he was doing carefully and when he hit a problem
that he hadn't foreseen, he involved us and offered us several solutions
before going ahead. He is well mannered, very knowledgeable and
experienced and thinks on his feet - the sort of thinking that can save
you hundreds if not thousands of shekels.

He also spoke with other contractors regarding the kitchen (countertops,
sinks) and negotiated good prices on our behalf with reputable suppliers
who he knows, and he refused to pay them until the work had been
completed to his satisfaction.

In fact, he hired someone to do some plasterwork on one of the walls and
when he came to inspect it, it wasn't up to his standard, so he redid
some of the work himself at no extra cost.

He is a real "mensch" and was a pleasure to work with.

Therefore, I am sending this message to the whole list as a wholehearted
recommendation on behalf of a true professional.

Shmulik Bar Sheshet can be reached on 0522 531 787.


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  1. I wanted to let you know that I highly recommend Shmulik Bar Sheshet for your carpentry needs- Heturned our Mamad into a beautiful library. We were happy with his work, his prices and his service -
    His number is 052-253-1787.


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