Helpful info about internet providers in Israel

Here’s some helpful info about internet providers in Israel (so I can keep it handy too). I have the Hot/Netvision setup with no dialler. I went through Netvision who organized the setup process with Hot. I did some research before selecting an internet provider, but they all ended up being roughly the same price. I’ve heard the good, bad, and ugly about each provider. So, if you’re just starting out and looking to pick an internet provider, the most effective method is to close your eyes, spin your finger around the screen and see which provider it lands on.

(IE disclaimer-sorry most of the sites are in Hebrew, make the call and keep asking until you get an English speaker, sooner or later--you will.)

Netvision: *3031 or 1800-300-301

Barak: *013 or 1800.013.013

Actcom: 1800-300-123

Bezeq: 1800-014-014

Internet Gold(Smile): *2330 or 072-200-3600

Golden Lines: 1801-012-012

Hot: *6900

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