KSP-Computer Store Recommendation

Look up www.ksp.co.il they have an English web site and stores all over
Israel. Best prices too.



  1. I have not found anyone to beat the prices and selection at KSP they
    have an English website at http://www.ksp.co.il they have a store
    near you in Har Hotzvim very close to IDT there are maps on the website.

    They always have someone there who speaks English to help you. They
    custom build your machine for you for a very reasonable price if you
    are not the do it yourself type. Sit down with them and tell what you
    need and they can help you select all the components and features you
    need, then they will build and test it for you.

    Great prices.... I have bought the makings of several computers from
    them for myself and for my customers.

  2. I bought mine from 21tv site, and that after seeing them on TV..

  3. I would never recommend going to KSP. I found the salesperson in the Jerusalem Talpiot store rude and entirely disinterested in assisting me. I asked one question about a printer that I wanted to buy and he told me to find out the answer myself. Great prices maybe but certainly not a place I would suggest going to


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