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I always...recommend HOVALOT ELIEZER 02-651-8220.

You can read more about them and how they work at

The short version is that they only hire Israeli labour and he pays them
well, so they are not allowed to ask for tips. Your stuff will never be held
hostage in t heir truck while they demand more money. No one can guarantee
against breakage 100%, but they will handle your stuff carefully.

There are many ways we all try to save money, but movers should not be one
of them. "The frustration caused by bad service lasts longer than the
satisfaction of a lower price."

I found them by posting the question myself and got this response from
someone: "Have used them at least 4 times and have been very satisfied."
Well, I have only used them once and that was over 2 years ago, but I have at
least one more move ahead of me sometime and I won't even shop around for a



  1. I polled the lists, NBN, Janglo, RBS, etc. for mover
    recommendations. One name kept coming up - Eliezer Movers. I got 4
    estimates for our move, only 2 were firm estimates, only one actually took
    the time to come to my apartment and walk thru and give me a firm estimate.
    That was Eliezer himself, nice guy, speaks English, the son of American
    Olim. His price was the highest, but he has a website so you can see his
    nice new trucks and staff. Each truck is insured and bonded for damages, and
    all Jewish Help.

    His secretary called the day before to confirm our move and start time at 7
    AM. They were at my apartment right on time with two trucks and 9 Jewish
    workers. Everything was wrapped and padded and loaded in 2 hours. Our move
    to Kiryat Sefer from Har Nof went smoothly and the crew unloaded our
    belongings took them by foot and hand truck accross the park and carried
    every piece and box to the rooms as we indicated. We had 3 bedrooms
    upstairs in the new place. They even had to disassemble a piece to get up
    the stairs in the new place and reassembled it.

    In the end, we were all moved by 2 PM. Our 9 Jewish crew were polite and
    professional. Nothing was damaged. Nothing was lost, and they did want a
    tip. What was the cost? First of all exactly what was estimated in writing
    and Less than either of our two friends who used other movers and had their
    furniture damaged, prices hijacked 2 or three times during the move and
    then had to endure harassment for large tips.

    Get some estimates if you like, but call Eliezer Movers, speak to Eliezer
    himself at 050-536-2322. He will estimate your move and put it in writing.
    Eliezer is like dealing with professional American movers. You will feel
    safe and secure with your belongings and you will be glad you used Eliezer
    in the end.

    PS if you are moving from the States to Israel. We used Rainer, they were
    perfect and communication was excellent, could not be happier with them


  2. We also used Eliezer Hovalot when we moved. Baruch Hashem, we had a
    very good experience. The movers came on time and they finished the
    job quickly and efficiently. In fact, they even helped up dismantle
    something that had remined in our house... at no extra charge.

    I would recommend them.
    Sept 5, 2007

  3. I'll chime in and recommend them too!
    Not cheap but worth every agora!

  4. RBS survey results June 2008June 5, 2008 at 6:39 AM

    Eliezer is the best.
    They stick by their quotes.
    They put together the furniture without complaint.
    They fix anything that gets inadvertently broken.
    They moved my crystal without breaking it.
    Eliezer comes himself and gives a quote in writing in any of 5 different
    languages so you understand everything.
    ------------ --------- --------
    We used them 5 yrs. ago and were very pleased - careful with our things,
    packed them well and didn't break things, no Arab labor, no surprise add-on
    charges at the end, excellent customer service, polite and a pleasure to
    deal with.
    ------------ --------- --------
    Eliezer Movers is quite a competent team.
    ------------ --------- --------
    We were very happy with eliezer hovalot.. They were prompt, courteous, and
    careful. there was no damage, either to our belongings, or to the newly
    painted walls of our apt. there was no last-minute change of price, even
    though there ended up being more than they had anticipated. the workers were
    non-arab, and spoke hebrew decently.
    ------------ --------- --------
    We were VERY happy with them

  5. RBS survey results June 2008June 5, 2008 at 6:40 AM

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  6. They're VERY professional. I'll use Eliezer again if necessary. BTW, ELIEZER Movers won a grassroots contest for best mover in Bet Shemesh this month.

  7. i always recommend Tzameret Hovalot

    i work in home broker office
    And always refer to tzameret hovalot
    Since i know they the guys i am renting
    Apartments to wont return unpleased.

    you can find them here:


  8. We just used them a couple of weeks ago and they were terrific. They are all Jews, they use no Arab labor and their workers were courteous and very skillful. they arrived on time and many of them understood English and the manager spoke English well.
    They took our closets apart and put them back together and they wrapped all the furniture-I recommend them very highly. Their phone number is 02 651 8220.


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