Things expectant parents need to know:


  1. In Israel, your ob/gyn does not deliver the baby, they simply see you at your doctor appointments, send you for sonograms and tests, etc.. You choose a hospital that you want to have the baby at and register there. You must call and request registration forms, although some hospitals have an automatic phone service where you leave your fax # and they'll fax the forms to you. Once you complete your registration, the hospital will send you papers which you'll need to bring with you when you go into labor. There is a staff of midwives & nurses at the hospital, and the midwife on duty is the one that delivers the baby. The doctor checks in on you periodically and is called in if there's a problem G-D forbid.

    Bring supplies with you to the hospital, because they only stock a limited amount of things - this was the BEST advice that people gave to me. I gave birth at Hadassah Ein Kerem and was very happy with everything. This hospital in particular has a good reputation for maternity.

    Besha'a Tova!


  2. The biggest differences (at least in my experience) were that most of the prenatal care is done at Tipat Halav, not by the doctor. The doctor checks your test results, gives you ultrasounds, is there if you have any problems, and that's it. He or she most likely will not be delivering your baby unless he happens to be on call at the hospital when you go to give birth. You will be attended to by a nurse-midwife during labor and birth. An OB-GYN doctor is present to attend to any complications.I found that I had much more of a personal relationship with the Tipat Halav nurse, because she was the one monitering how I was feeling, weight gain, blood pressure, and all those little important details.

    B'shaa Tova


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