We are currrently located in Seoul, Korea, where lots of people use
Vonage. Since we wanted an option that included not only Korea-US but
also Korea-Israel, I did on-line research and came up with
BroadVoice, which we have been using for almost
a year and are very pleased with.

The company supplied us with a router (which I think can actually
handle 2 lines) at about $90, as an initial expense, and we pay $25
monthly (flat rate) for the ability to call 35 different countries.
This allowed for a recent guest to explore job possibilities in
China, and for us to sell our chametz with a rabbi in Japan.

In the US the service covers all land-line and mobile calls, only
land lines in the other countries. But even when we do have to call
mobile phones (Israel, China) the charges have been really low.

There are echoes on the line sometimes, and we've had some problems
with sending faxes, but in general the call quality is quite good and
we're very satisfied.

I think the main office for Broadvoice is in Massachusetts.

Good luck.


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  1. We use Broadvoice for VOIP in Israel but it is from the US. We signed up before we came and they sent us a Linksys modem which we brought with us. It was very easy to connect to the DSL line on our fist day here. I love that my family and friends can pick up their home phone and make a "local call". One day, I hope their calls will really be local ones.


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