Dr. Masheim-good, *caring* hands

I would like to STRONGLY recommend Dr. SARI MANSHEIM an
American who works
in the Meuchdet clinic on Rival (next to the
post office in Ramat Beit Shemesh B).

It is well worth the trip to RBS B to see her. When I made Aliyah a
year and
a half ago I didn't know where to go and I ended up at the
pediatrician when
I was sick (which was fine) but I always felt that
I was lacking a Dr. that
I could talk to and ask my Adult related
questions to. I tried a Dr. in the
RBS A clinic and I felt that there
was no effort made to get a history and
certainly no time to ask
Then a friend recommended Dr. Masheim and since then
I've felt like I was in
good, *caring* hands. On more than one
occasion she has made herself
available beyond the call of duty.
She has called me to clarify information,
and when I forgot to
bring a script with me to the pharmacy I was able to
call her and
she printed a new one for me and faxed it in to the pharmacy.

(she not a secretary).

I finally found a Dr. that has patience to answer my questions and has
a vast medical knowledge.


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