Kobi kills bugs like a mensch

This is not only a reccomendation, but a token of thanks
to Kobi, from
KOBI EXTERMINATORS, who, not only does
a great job, but is a total
mensch as well.

Kobi came after a frantic call from me thinking I had a
roach infestation (due to my poor hebrew), but found an
ant colony on
my kitchen counter instead. He humored me
by using the non poisonous
gel he had on hand on those
pesky ants, despite the fact that he
usually sprays them
(something I really did not want to do). Not only
did he
NOT CHARGE ME for the visit, but he actually called to see
the ants were faring (not too well). He was happy and
would not accept
payment for his previous visit, and he said
he was happy it had worked
out (praying didn't hurt either).

We've also called him in the past with great results!
His number is 050-535-2828 or 057-761-3157.

Call him, you won't be sorry that you did--
but those pesky little creatures will be!


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