Kupat Cholim Advice

Israeli insurance is very, very cheap and gives you excellent cover.
And if
you have any trouble with it, you can walk over to your local
kupat cholim
clinic and ask for help resolving it. NBN will tell you
repeatedly that
getting your coverage should be your first step.
Take the advice. Wait
until you're here, then go to the post office
first thing and sign up. I
think it's about 12 shekel a month for
the first year, then it goes up to a
"whopping" 50 shekel, or so,
a bit more if you want added coverage. Your
copay is about 6
shekel per visit, automatically withdrawn from your bank

account if you want.

While on the topic, if you have a tendency to be on the sick side,
sign up
for the gold plan right away. It gives you great flexibility
and extra
coverage and doesn't cost much (about 60 shekel per
month more), and some of
the services take a while to kick in, so
you may as well start that clock
from day one. Maccabi (maybe
other kupat cholim, too) also covers part of
your alternative
medicine bills if you have their gold (Zahav) plan.


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