3 recommended restaurants in Tel Aviv.

a) Chiang Ray - 102 HaYarkon - 03-522-7774
b) Prime Grill - 105 Hayarkon St 03-5225005
c) Toscana - 3 Chabakuk St 03-5444442


  1. following your recomendation I ate at chiang ray in tel aviv yesterday with my wife and daughter I must say this is the best resaurant i ever ate at in tel aviv. The food is delecious the egg rolls, the soups, the main platter of delecious chineese food, were all out of the world we are still licking our tounges from it. (my daughter had a french platter she doesnt eat chineese) the service was fantastic very warm welcome. I highly recommend every one looking for a kosher restaurant in tel aviv to eat only at chiang ray. and thanks for israel easy for giving me this choice!!

  2. Great place good food

  3. Chiang Ray was great food,service,atmosphere all triple AAA


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