Monit 99-city to city-at your service

There is a great cab company, that has branches in all the
major cities,
Jewish drivers, extremely inexpensive (cheaper
than Arabs) and reliable.

They are called Monit 99 -
In Jerusalem their number is 500 2668 and
Aviv 03-686-888.

Remember they are only for city to city. Sample rates are

159 shekels to the airport (usually between 180-200 with
other cabs) and
between 169-179 shekels to Tel Aviv.

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  1. I've used them a few times going to the airport and coming back. From Baka they charge 169 (usually 210) and charged the same thing coming back from the airport. You have to call them about a half hour before. When I land at the airport, I call them once when I land, and then again once I have my luggage. They are always waiting right outside when I get out of the terminal.


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