Apple Mac Support and Products

iDigital Ltd. (Apple representative in Israel)
17 Ha'amal St.
Park Afeq, Rosh Ha'ayin 48092
Tel: 03-900-5353
Fax: 03-902-7788
Web site:

5 Kiryat Ha'mada
Har Hotzvim, Jerusalem 91033
Tel: 02-571-6022
Fax: 02-571-6025
Web site:

Sarig Computers & Software
9 Chizkiyahu Ha'malech St.
Tel Aviv 66530
Tel: 03-683-3385
Fax: 03-518-4233
Web site:

April 08

1 comment:

  1. There is a Yahoo Group which addresses the specific issues of Israel based
    Mac users. It has proved invaluable, especially in a mixed PC/MAC marriage
    like mine.



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