Appliance Parts

For those of you in or around Jerusalem, there is a store called
Shai Ogen
on Yaffo Road across from the shuk that sells every
piece or part for any
oven sold in Israel, pretty much. I wanted/
needed new racks for my Becko
oven for Passover and went there.
They had an adjustable rack which will
fit just about any European/
Israeli oven, so instead of koshering the racks,
I just got a new
set. This is also useful information if a burner or

heating element dies, etc. They are fabulous.

April 08

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  1. I think I know that store! It’s a good idea to post about it, so everyone knows what is the easiest solution to repair your appliance. I think they sell appliance parts on internet too. Not sure about it, but a friend said he bought the parts he need it from the internet.


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