Bordeaux-beautiful clothing

This is an unsolicited recommendation for a beautiful store that
specializes in
women's clothing in large sizes. They have a very
nice selection of fashionable clothing--

tops, pants, skirts, bathing suits, underpants. Also some
accessories like
belts, bags, and shoes. Maybe they have
other stock we haven't noticed. It's a
large store with plenty
to choose from, reasonable prices (they've got some end

of season sales on right now), very helpful, pleasant customer

The name of the store is BORDEAUX, located on Meshek 33 in
Kfar Malal. Kfar
Malal is in between Tzomet Ranana and Hod
Hasharon on Derech Ramatayim. When
driving from Tzomet
Ranana to Hod Hasharon, you turn right into Meshek 33

(you'll see signs for Bordeaux as well as for Modi Ceramics and Dr. Food).

They have a web site:
Phone number is: 054-488-2213.

hodhasharon yahoogroup
February 2008

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