Dorit Stern-pleasant real estate agent

Hi everyone,
My husband and I were looking for a flat in Raanana, and knew it
going to be easy to find one that suited our needs. Apart
from the usual
hardships of finding a place I must add that since
my husband and I are both
blind, we had very specific requirements
about certain things such as
location, condition of flat, safety etc.

DORIT STERN made this journey so much easier, and yes, pleasant!
Can you
believe it? How can finding a flat be pleasant? Well, it was.
Dorit is so
positive, nice, straight to the point and very professional.
She found what
we needed in a matter of days! Her knowledge and
good sense were a true gift
to us in this process and we literally feel
that we could not have done it
without her. She took us through the
searching, actually looking at places,
and right up to the signing,
even helped us understand and negotiate the

So if you are looking for a place, or want to tell her about a place you
have, etc, please don't hesitate to call her! You will not regret it, and
will enjoy it as well.

Call her on 054 - 2402310


Herzlia and Kfar Shmaryahu List
April 2008

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